Friday, 9 April 2021

NEW UNIT - Down on the Farm (Part One)

Hi All,

Pleased to report I have finally fulfilled an ambition that I have had for a few years now. I have secured a unit on a new development of 14 units on a nearby farm where we stable our horses. The unit will be converted from existing farm buildings and fingers crossed if all goes well I should be in sometime in August. This will give me plenty of storage space for the show stock, a large work area and enough room for two large tables with the option to create smaller tables and also one huge table. So later on this year look out for some Cold War Commander action along with plenty of other games. 

The plan is to run Saturday or Sunday games along with an occasional weekend big game. Lots of work ahead but can't wait to get started. Obviously not all games will be CWC, I plan to host 20mm WW2, 20mm Modern, 15mm WW1 and many others including a return to the wonderful setting of Andreivia that so many of us enjoy at the Crisis Point events in Dungworth.

Cheers, stay safe!

GRIMSBY 2021 - Broadsword calling Martin Kay

Hi All,

A chap called Martin Kay contacted me a while ago by email asking about the possibility of coming to the Grimsby game in October. There seems to be a problem with our emails as I receive his but he doesn't receive any of my replies by the looks of it. Tried on the Facebook group but it seems he's not on Facebook.

So Martin as you mentioned in your initial email you follow this blog could you please contact me via the reply section below and we'll see if we can get this sorted.


Richard P

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

GRIMSBY 2021 - Denmark 1985

Ok it's been a while but as things are looking a bit more positive it's time to start planning the annual Cold War Commanders get together in Grimsby. It will take place over the weekend of Friday 8th October to Sunday 10th October. Below you will find a provisional timetable for the weekend.

Friday 8th October  - Set Up (No players needed for this but if you are planning on stopping Friday night you are more than welcome to drop in. If there are enough from the two teams you may even get the chance for a impromptu briefing session.

Friday Evening - Curry Night (7.30pm ish)

Saturday 9th October - 9.30am Players arrive followed by briefings so hopefully by 10.00am we will be able to get cracking. Fish and Chips for lunch! You can't be in Grimsby and not have Fish! We will play on as long as possible into Saturday evening so we can get as many turns played.

Sunday 10th October - 9.30am Players arrive and we will get started as soon as possible. We aim to start packing up around 3.00pm to allow people plenty of time to get home. Sandwiches plus other snacks will be available for lunch.

Cost will be £20.00 as usual payable on the Saturday. This does not include the curry on Friday night but it does include the Fish and Chips on Saturday and the Sandwiches on Sunday. 

Current Players List is as follows.

UMPIRE - Stephen Graham

NATO HQ TEAM - Andy Canham (USMC) & Andy Taylor (West German)

NATO Players - Richard Phillips (Danish Zealand Brigade), Mark Walker (Danish Jutland Division), Andy Hamilton (US or British TBC), Chris McGill (British), Mike Meakin (West German).

WARPAC HQ TEAM - Mark Julian (East German), Neil Moulden (Soviet)

WARPAC Players - Simon White (Soviet Naval Infantry), Neil McCusker (Soviet Naval Infantry & VDV), Chris Sharp (Soviet), Alf Sharp (Soviet), Steven Barber (Soviet), Ian Shaw (Soviet).

Saturday, 12 December 2020

GRIMSBY 2019 - Pictures

 Just realised that I never posted the pictures from the 2019 event. Well here they are at last. Sorry there's not much info unfortunately real life has got in the way over the last 18 months or so. But there's still plenty of eye candy! Roll on Grimsby 2021.