Wednesday, 3 August 2016

JOY OF SIX 2017 - Big Game

I am delighted to announce that the Cold War Commanders have been selected by the organisers of the Joy of Six show to put on the big showcase game at the 2017 event. As the plan is to run a campaign throughout 2017 based around a fictional Warsaw Pact invasion of Denmark and Schleswig Holstein the game for Joy of Six will be set in Zealand with amphibious and airborne forces attempting to gain a foothold near the Danish capital.

If you are interested in joining us at what is quickly becoming one of the go to shows of the year please contact me as soon as possible.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

TERRAIN - Streetlights from Singapore!

A recent look on ebay for useful bits of terrain uncovered a trader in Singapore selling 80 x 1/300th scale streetlights for $1.86 including postage (take note Shapeways!!!). They arrived this morning well packaged and they look very similar to the old Timecast ones. I will base some up on individual bases like my telegraph poles and also add some to BUA bases.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

JOY OF SIX 2016 - Venue Layout

I have just received the layout for Joy of Six 2016 from Peter at Baccus and we are situated right by the bacon butty stall. RESULT!!!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

JOY OF SIX 2016 - Red Effect

Preparations are well underway for this years Cold War Commanders game at Joy of Six 2016. The game is set during the mid 1980's and is inspired by the events that take place in the 'Effect' Series of books by Harvey Black. First up is the table layout for this years game.

If you are going to Joy of Six 2016 please make sure you come and say hello and you are welcome to join in if you wish, we will have plenty of forces available.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Please note that all OOB's including any reinforcement OOB's must be submitted by the end of May. That gives players one more week to submit. If you need more time or any help please contact me as soon as possible. If you are a player at Deeside who is touch with Andy C or Ian S can you please let them have your OOB's so they can forward them on to me.


Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Players have now been allocated their Initial Deployment Points. All players must submit detailed CWC pointed OOB's before the end of May 2016 so myself and Gordon can check them. Deeside Defenders could you please liaise between yourselves as I know some of you aren't on the CWC Forum and get either Andy C or Ian S to send me your OOB's. Please feel free to model extra forces as they might be available as reinforcements at the discretion of the Umpires.

Current Player Listing.
Table One.
Soviet Amphibious/Airborne Assault on Turkish Coast.
NATO - Andy C (TURKISH - 4000AP), Ian S (PORTUGUESE - 4000AP) & Andy T (TURKISH - 4000AP).
WARSAW PACT - Steve G (SOVIET - 8000AP), Andy H (SOVIET - 8000AP) & Nick G (SOVIET - 8000AP).

Table Two.
Border Crossing.
NATO - Mike A (SPANISH - 4000AP) & TBA.
WARSAW PACT - Al (SOVIET - 8000AP & Tippy1970 (SOVIET - 8000AP).

Table Three.
Aegean Bridgehead.
NATO - Neil M (ITALIAN - 6000AP), Richard C (SPANISH - 6000AP) & Mark F (GREEK/US AIRBORNE - 6000AP).
WARSAW PACT - Steve B (SOVIET -9000AP), Ben (HUNGARIAN - 9000AP) & Alan M (SOVIET - 9000AP).

Table Four.
NATO - Mark J (YUGOSLAVIAN - 6000AP) & Dennis W (GREEK - 6000AP).
WARSAW PACT - Simon W (SOVIET - 4000AP) & Sharpe (4000AP).

We have one player space available for NATO if anyone is interested.

Thursday, 24 December 2015


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the Cold War Commanders. Have a great time and I hope Santa brings lots of lead!