Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Some more eye candy from last weekends game. I will add details etc as soon as possible.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Here are some more photos of the game. I will add some commentary and details when I can but for now enjoy the eye candy!

Mark Fry's superb Dutch EW unit, a fantastic little conversion

Another of Mark Fry's Dutch conversions

Saltzgitter with two scratch built container cranes, didn't quite finish the paint job on the cranes as they are supposed to be red and white. Will finish them off as soon as possible and post pictures

The level crossing, this was the scene of some heavy fighting between Andy Hamilton's US 2AD(FWD) and Mike Ahern's Soviet forces. I believe that control of the level crossing changed hands several times during the game

Outskirts of Brunswick

The ESK canal overlooked by a Schloss

The autobahn, those cones would cause the East Germans all sorts of problems

The road into Brunswick

One of Mark Fry's fantastic Dutch recce units complete with aerials

Dutch 105 Recce Bn defends the banks of the ESK, this unit later went on the offensive and conducted a river crossing 

Leopard 2 tanks from the Dutch 105 Recce Bn wait for targets from the edge of a wood overlooking the ESK canal

West German 3 Recce Bn moves in Brunswick 

The West Germans occupy the town square

Dutch 103 Recce Bn take up defensive positions on the left flank of the US 2AD (FWD)

US recce Bradley crosses the railway lines 

US M1 Abrams take position on a ridge

Another view of the container cranes at Saltzgitter

Andy Canham's British occupy Alfeld as a local fire engine bravely continues working

NATO artillery

NATO air support

More NATO air support

More NATO artillery

A soviet Hip helo operating behind Dutch lines

Hip returning home after its mission

Chieftain bridgelayer in operation