Tuesday, 3 March 2015

TERRAIN - German Rural Level Crossing

Been busy working on a load of railway lines for next Septembers game. Will post photos of the completed sections when they are finished, but just to give you taster of what the railway will look like here is a photo of a rural level crossing, this one will be in the Supplingen area of the table.

More railway to come including some more level crossings.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Project 12322 - ZUBR Class LCAC - PART ONE

Since the Arctic Strike game in 2013 I had always wanted a 1/300th scale Zubr (Pomornik) air cushioned landing craft (LCAC). This class of military hovercraft is the worlds largest and would look awesome leading my Russian amphibious forces. But where do you get one? Does anyone make one? Surely not!

Then while looking for information to scratch build one I found this!

Supplied by a company called Legions IV Hire http://www.legionsivhire.ca/index.php/ they luckily had one left in stock so I quickly ordered it and it should be winging its way across the Atlantic from Canada next week. 

It will also come in useful for my 'Dragonstrike' project as the Chinese use the Zubr and it is also in service with the Greek Navy.