Thursday, 30 April 2015

TERRAIN - Fields

For the game in September I want to make the terrain even better than last years. One of the things I am working on is a large amount of fields as a lot of the area we will be fighting over is agricultural. My plan is to have fields around the edges of villages and towns to give the impression of an agricultural landscape without having to completely cover the table in fields. So first up are a couple of fields to show what they will look like.

Irregular Miniatures sheep graze in a small field.

I wanted to have some agricultural machinery but no-one makes a tractor in 6mm so I decided to use a WWII Russian Artillery Tractor which I picked up at WMMS in a box of GHQ stuff that was being sold to raise money for a Cancer Charity. With the addition of a GHQ trailer and a suitable looking bit from the Bits Box I think it looks ok as some sort of crop sprayer.

Irregular Miniatures cattle graze.

Closer photo of the Irregular Miniatures sheep.

Double field with cattle and agricultural machinery.

I've got a lot more in production, including rebasing my corn fields, and will post pictures soon. I will also post some pictures of a village with fields to give everyone an idea of what I am trying to achieve. As always thanks for looking.

Monday, 20 April 2015

JOY OF SIX - On the Workbench

Quick update on progress for the Joy of Six show in July. I am rebasing my old Naval Infantry to match my newer stuff just a few photos of some BTR-60's and T-62's on the workbench. Not sure if all these will make an appearance at Joy of Six but some of them definitely will.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

IT'S OFFICIAL - Joy of Six

Please check out the Joy of Six Facebook page as there has been an official announcement of our attendance and a few details of the Bjerkvik game including a wonderful picture of Richard C's ice breaker.


Richard P

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Project 12322 - ZUBR Class LCAC - PART TWO

The Zubr has arrived! Not much done to it yet but I have taken a few photos.

The complete kit, the hull and air cushion sections are clean, just some of the smaller pieces need cleaning up before construction can commence.

Size comparison with a Scotia AIST (Rear) and a Scotia Lebed (Front)

Another view showing the difference in size. Forgot to put a 1/300th tank in the photo for comparison will take another photo later.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

TERRAIN - Lidl Artificial Grass

Just picked two of these up from my local Lidl store for £4.99 each. They are 2000mm x 1000mm and look like they could be very useful. Not sure if I will use them as mats or chop them up to represent forest areas. At £4.99 each I will probably do both.

TERRAIN - Can't see the Railway for the Hedges...

Been a bit quiet on preparation for the game in September as I was working on my 20mm Italians and terrain for Richard Crawley's brilliant Crisis Point IV weekend held last weekend in Dungworth. More info on this on my other blog

So its back to it with some pictures of the railway sections I have been working on and a load more hedges. The railway pieces make up a 6ft section which will go across the board between the outskirts of Helmstedt and Konigslutter and will include the level crossing shown in a previous post.