Wednesday, 17 May 2017

GRIMSBY - Landjut 2017 Scenario

Eventually, after countless delays, the Soviets forced a crossing of the Kiel Canal near Rendsburg. The Canadians holding the small village of Sehestedt had delayed the crossing far longer than the Soviets had wanted and now they were behind schedule. It was time to push north and head for Schleswig and it's airbases. An airborne attack is also planned at the airfield at Schleswig (Andy T & Neil M are playing this scenario out) and the plan is to link up with those forces and secure the airfields before heading north towards the Danish border. Recon has spotted a large force of West Germans from 6th Panzergrenadier Division in the vicinity of the small town of Kropp just 15km south of Schleswig. The Soviets have another tough fight on their hands if they are to reach Schleswig!!! The West Germans occupy the towns of Kropp and Owschlag and also the heavily wooded area between the two. They only arrived at these positions during the night after a long drive to cut off the advance of the Soviets after they crossed the Kiel Canal. If it hadn't been for the Canadians the Soviets would have had a free run to Schleswig. Scenario 6 - Exploitation as per the rulebook.

Situation Report - West Germans hold the small towns of Kropp and Owschlag and also occupy the heavily wooded area between the two. Soviets are advancing from the South.


Western half

Eastern half

Thanks to Steve and the gang in Grimsby for putting on this game and I look forward to hearing all about the outcome. Have fun!!!

Monday, 15 May 2017

DEESIDE - Landjut 2017 June Scenario

The Chaps at the Deeside Defenders Wargames Club are getting together the first weekend in June to play out another scenario in the LANDJUT Campaign.

After the initial Warsaw Pact assault on Eckernforde, led by the Polish 7th Marine Assault Infantry Division, forced a precarious hold on the German coast it was the decision of the Polish Commander to commit his reserves of T72's to the attack which eventually forced the NATO forces to withdraw. Since then more Warsaw Pact forces have landed and Eckernforde is now a major bridgehead, although under constant attack from NATO aircraft. The time has comr to launch the push inland to capture Highway 7 and the main route north into Denmark. Operations are also taking place to secure airfields in the area to allow Soviet and Polish aircraft to begin operating from land bases. The initial push will see an attack west along the 76 Highway towards the small town of Fleckeby. Warsaw Pact recce believe NATO forces have set up a strong defensive line just to the west of the town of Fleckeby along a heavily wooded low ridge which runs NE-SW. Due to bad weather further recce missions have been unable to establish what NATO forces are in the vicinity of Fleckeby but they have been able to ascertain that the bridge over a small river that runs N-S to the east of the town seems to remain intact at this time.

The area around Fleckeby, to the east of the river is mainly farmland with the village of Gotheby-Holm on the eastern map edge. Lead elements of Polish Naval troops have infiltrated the village.

Eastern half of the battlefield

Western half of the battlefield.

Map showing initial disposition of forces with NATO believed to be holding the low ridgline.

I will post details of the AAR from the chaps in Broughton as soon as possible after the game has been played. Unfortunately I have work commitments which mean I can't make it.

Have fun fellas!

Friday, 12 May 2017

TALES FROM SHED HQ - 30mm Round Bases (Part Two)

In Part One I showed some of the different bases I have made for my Recce Units. Now in Part Two I have completed the bases and they are ready for the tabletop.

3. British Recce Unit - Heroics & Ros Fox Fv721 (BM15)
Rejoining a road after a little trip cross country.

4. British Recce Unit - Heroics & Ros Fox Fv721 (BM15)
Crossing a small stream.

5. British Recce Unit - Heroics & Ros Fox Fv721 (BM15)
Moving along a road using the hedge for cover.

6. British Recce Unit - Heroics & Ros Fox Fv721 (BM15)
Cautiously crossing a railway line.

7. British Recce Units - Heroics & Ros Scimitar Fv107 (BM06)
Four Scimitar bases just with a bit of clump foliage.

As always thanks for looking. Next up will be CO and HQ bases.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

TALES FROM SHED HQ - 30mm Round Bases (Part One)

Shed HQ has been a hive of activity over the last few days as preparations are underway for this years Joy of Six show. On the workbench at the moment are a load of British and Soviet. I have been slowly re-basing all my forces, which will be a huge task, as over the years I have used several different basing styles but I have now decided to settle on one and re-base everything!

As I was working on some recce units for the British I started thinking how I could make the bases more interesting. My regular forces, armour, infantry etc are all based on 40mm x 20mm x 2mm MDF bases but HQ's, CO's, Recce and FAO/FOO's are all based on different sizes for ease of recognition. So I have decided to take a bit more time on these bases. First up 30mm diameter bases for Recce units.

What to do with a plain 30mm diameter base?

I have come up with several ideas, some inspired by fellow Cold War Commanders, including small streams, roads, fields and railways.

1. British Recce Unit - Heroics & Ros Scorpion Fv101 (BM05)
Just added a small section of ruined wall and some clump foliage to make this Recce Unit for a British Armoured Regiment.

2. British Recce Unit - Heroics & Ros Scorpion Fv101 (BM05)
Just added a small amount of clump foliage to make another Recce Unit for a British Armoured Regiment.

WIP bases for more Recce Units which I will detail in Part Two. 

Using spare bits of Hornby Track Planner makes a really interesting base. 

Small streams are another interesting addition to the base

I have also added road edges to the bases.

The bases detailed above will all have other terrain added to enhance the look so keep a look out for Part Two when I will be detailing the finished bases and also making a start on 40mm x 40mm HQ Bases.

As always thanks for looking. 


Wednesday, 3 May 2017

TERRAIN - Cold War Airfield

In preparation for this years Joy of Six show and also the big Cold War Commanders game up in Grimsby in September I have started on a huge box of Timecast and Leven Miniatures buildings that need sorting. So first up is an airfield which utilises the runway that I had already made.

The Control Tower made up from three separate Leven Miniatures buildings all from his Military range. MIL07 - RAF Generic Block, MIL08 - RAF Admin Block and MIL33 - Luftwaffe Control Building.

One end of each of the blocks were ground flat so they joined nicely with the sides of the tower.

Parking Apron and a Windsock

A closer view of the Windsock

New Fire Station added to the Control Tower base.

Three emergency vehicles made from (L to R) an Heroics and Ros GMC Pick Up from their Modern Canadian range, a Heroics and Ros GMC Radio Truck again from their Modern Canadian range and a 1/300th architectural model from China. All three have had a tiny strip of plastic added to the roof and painted up to look like emergency lights.

Slight change of plan so Parking Apron gets a textured edge.

Runway distressed a little to give the effect of rubber on the runway

I plan a couple more bases for the airfield. One a hangar again from Leven Miniatures and another a Admin Building or something similar. The plan is this will be a major objective in Septembers game.

As always thanks for looking.