Tuesday, 5 December 2017

TERRAIN - Bridges (Battlescale)

One of the things we always seem to need more of in our big games are bridges. So I was delighted to see Steve Clay at Battlescale was planning on producing some new 6mm bridges. I contacted Steve and asked what his plans were for the road surface and also what the width of the roadway would be. The roadway would be 27mm wide approx which suits most of our basing. His original plan was to have a cobbled road surface but this wouldn't work with what I needed so after a chat with Steve he agreed to produce two models one cobbled and one plain.

So a couple of weeks later four of the new bridges arrived and I painted them up to match our vinyl floor tiles roads. They are absolutely fantastic models and suit our needs perfectly. I also plan to get some of the cobbled versions as they will work with our other roads.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017


The theme of the Cold War Commanders for 2018 will be Norway 1985 - Arctic Strike. I am pleased to announce that after the success of this years event we will be returning to the Grimsby Wargames Society for the 2018 event. As well as this weekend Mark F and the Berkeley Vale chaps are also planning a weekend earlier in 2018 at the Tudor Arms in Slimbridge. Details of this should be available shortly and I think the plan is again to link that weekend to the Grimsby weekend with the theme being Norway 1985.

House rules worked well, still a few little things that needed sorting, and a new updated set will be sent out in the next couple of weeks. Idea being players have plenty of time to familiarise themselves with the extra rules. Some players submitted ideas for rules that we felt were over complicating the system, I think we all understand the level of abstraction within CWC can cause a few issues, but they work as a set of rules. Some rules that have been suggested and would work, like the small vehicle rules, have not been included in the House Rules, but we plan to incorporate them into amended Army Lists as a note against the vehicle.

The plan at this early stage is to have 4 tables, one big one downstairs and three upstairs. This would give us an 18' x 6' table downstairs and upstairs we would have a 16' x 6' table, a 9' x 5' table and a 10' x 5' table. 

Current Players List.
Neil M US 82nd Airborne
Andy C 4th MAB USMC
Alan M Italian Alpini
Rodger W Norwegian 6th Division
Mark J Canadians/Luxembourg
Mark F Norwegian/Swedish
Andy T Royal Marines/Dutch Marines

Simon W Finnish
Keith T Soviet
Peter S Soviet VDV
Andy H Soviet
Danny M Soviet
Andy M Soviet
Gordon M Soviet VDV?
Andy B
Jason L
Nick G
Steve G
Richard P
Richard C

At the moment this gives us 17 players if everyone can make it possibly 18 depending on the Umpiring situation. 

Stay tuned for more info