Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Players have now been allocated their Initial Deployment Points. All players must submit detailed CWC pointed OOB's before the end of May 2016 so myself and Gordon can check them. Deeside Defenders could you please liaise between yourselves as I know some of you aren't on the CWC Forum and get either Andy C or Ian S to send me your OOB's. Please feel free to model extra forces as they might be available as reinforcements at the discretion of the Umpires.

Current Player Listing.
Table One.
Soviet Amphibious/Airborne Assault on Turkish Coast.
NATO - Andy C (TURKISH - 4000AP), Ian S (PORTUGUESE - 4000AP) & Andy T (TURKISH - 4000AP).
WARSAW PACT - Steve G (SOVIET - 8000AP), Andy H (SOVIET - 8000AP) & Nick G (SOVIET - 8000AP).

Table Two.
Border Crossing.
NATO - Mike A (SPANISH - 4000AP) & TBA.
WARSAW PACT - Al (SOVIET - 8000AP & Tippy1970 (SOVIET - 8000AP).

Table Three.
Aegean Bridgehead.
NATO - Neil M (ITALIAN - 6000AP), Richard C (SPANISH - 6000AP) & Mark F (GREEK/US AIRBORNE - 6000AP).
WARSAW PACT - Steve B (SOVIET -9000AP), Ben (HUNGARIAN - 9000AP) & Alan M (SOVIET - 9000AP).

Table Four.
NATO - Mark J (YUGOSLAVIAN - 6000AP) & Dennis W (GREEK - 6000AP).
WARSAW PACT - Simon W (SOVIET - 4000AP) & Sharpe (4000AP).

We have one player space available for NATO if anyone is interested.