Monday, 20 July 2015

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JOY OF SIX - Part Two

 Not many more pictures as a lot of the day was spent chatting to traders and making those all important purchases to add to the lead pile! Myself and Andy Canham got into a fierce firefight in and around Dalberg with M60's trading shots with T55AM2's but I seem to have missed taking a picture of the action, I will see if anyone else has some pictures.

Polish paratroopers continue their advance finally reaching the safety of the woods.

Steve Graham's naval infantry reach the military camp

Soviet air support

Soviet landing craft, built by Ian Shaw, approach the coast.

The Cold War Commanders
(L to R - Andy Canham, Ian Shaw, Richard Crawley, Richard Phillips, Jamie Crawley and Steve Graham)

A view of the venue from the top floor 

A few pictures of some of the other games on during the day.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

JOY OF SIX - Part One

I haven't posted much on here recently mainly due to work commitments. Today I headed off to Sheffield to join five other Cold War Commanders, Richard Crawley, Steve Graham, Andy Canham, Ian Shaw and Jamie Crawley to put on our first ever Demonstration Game at the Joy of Six show held at the Heartspace, Sheffield Hallam University. Wasn't sure what to expect as this was the first time I had attended this show. So after a very wet drive over the Peak District I arrived at the venue nice and early and was greeted by the guys from Wargames Emporium who were most helpful in directing me in where I needed to go. Thanks Chaps! After a bit of table rearranging, I was ready for the arrival of the rest of the chaps to set up before the doors opened at 10.00am.

Heartspace, Sheffield Hallam University

Once we had all arrived we got busy setting up the Battle of Bjerkvik 1985, a continuation of our 2013 Megagame, Arctic Strike. 

Busy setting up

Richard, Jamie and Steve setting up

Scenario Outline
Bjerkvik, August 1985

Warsaw Pact airborne and amphibious forces have landed on the coast of Herjangsfjord north of Narvik. They have captured the town of Bjerkvik and the outlying villages of Medby and Haugen. They now seek to expand their bridgehead north through Dalberg and east along the shore of Lake Hartvik towards the Swedish border.

At the southern end of the bridgehead, Soviet DVD troops are coming under pressure from NATO troops attacking up the road from Narvik. In addition, a US Marine force, isolated by the original landings, launches a desperate local counter-attack.

Table layout nearly complete just a few more trees.

Richard Crawleys superb scratchbuilt Bjerkvik village

Dalberg, soon to be the scene of heavy fighting

The table nearly finished.

So as soon as the table was finished and Andy and Ian had arrived we were ready to deploy just in time to grab a well deserved bacon bap and a cup of coffee before the doors opened to the public.

That ship again!

Soviet AIST's land on the coast near Bjerkvik.

Polish armour moves through Bjerkvik

Steve Grahams new H&R T55AM2's move inland

More forces arrive by helo

Polish tanks reach Dalberg unopposed (thanks to a double 1!)

Polish airborne occupying the woods near Bjerkvik

US Marines aid station. Great little diorama by Andy Canham

The Finns arrive!

Polish airborne begin to advance

Polish naval infantry deploy near Dalberg

Steve Grahams naval infantry move inland

More forces arriving on the beach

Engineers and AA

USMC helo support

US Ranger battalion prepares to engage the Russians

VDV secure the beach

Got a few more photos that I will post tomorrow.

Big thank you to Richard, Steve, Andy, Ian and Jamie for today and also to the guys from Baccus and Wargames Emporium for there organisation and support of this event. We shall definitely be back again next year! Exciting times ahead for 6mm gaming and the Cold War Commanders. Andy and Ian at H&R have some really exciting plans for future releases. Timecast, Leven and Total Battle are producing some superb new buildings and new companies like Perfect 6 are producing some excellent additions to make our troops, vehicles and tables look even better. 

As always thanks for looking....