Monday, 20 July 2015

JOY OF SIX - Part Two

 Not many more pictures as a lot of the day was spent chatting to traders and making those all important purchases to add to the lead pile! Myself and Andy Canham got into a fierce firefight in and around Dalberg with M60's trading shots with T55AM2's but I seem to have missed taking a picture of the action, I will see if anyone else has some pictures.

Polish paratroopers continue their advance finally reaching the safety of the woods.

Steve Graham's naval infantry reach the military camp

Soviet air support

Soviet landing craft, built by Ian Shaw, approach the coast.

The Cold War Commanders
(L to R - Andy Canham, Ian Shaw, Richard Crawley, Richard Phillips, Jamie Crawley and Steve Graham)

A view of the venue from the top floor 

A few pictures of some of the other games on during the day.


  1. Cracking!

    What was the snow covered Maurice game? That looks very tasty.

    Almost as tasty as the AIST's in the last post )


    1. Hi Nathan,
      It was Gadesbuch 1712 fought in December, he made all the boards from carpet tiles from Poundland. He pipped us to the Best Game award but we were pleased we won the Friendliest Game award. Roll on next year.
      Richard P

  2. Excellent stuff on the ribbon :) Did it get you some new Coldwar Commanders?!

    Cheers on the WSS details - it looks cracking!

    1. Although it's the Great Northen War, not the WSS :D

  3. Great photos. Wish I'd gone round taking photos as there were some great games about. Didn't manage to fit it in though, what with the tank battles and carefully planned purchasing, not to mention the impulse buys.

    Cheers, here's to the next one.


  4. What a great event, and what a great blog you have here! My compliments.