Monday, 15 May 2017

DEESIDE - Landjut 2017 June Scenario

The Chaps at the Deeside Defenders Wargames Club are getting together the first weekend in June to play out another scenario in the LANDJUT Campaign.

After the initial Warsaw Pact assault on Eckernforde, led by the Polish 7th Marine Assault Infantry Division, forced a precarious hold on the German coast it was the decision of the Polish Commander to commit his reserves of T72's to the attack which eventually forced the NATO forces to withdraw. Since then more Warsaw Pact forces have landed and Eckernforde is now a major bridgehead, although under constant attack from NATO aircraft. The time has comr to launch the push inland to capture Highway 7 and the main route north into Denmark. Operations are also taking place to secure airfields in the area to allow Soviet and Polish aircraft to begin operating from land bases. The initial push will see an attack west along the 76 Highway towards the small town of Fleckeby. Warsaw Pact recce believe NATO forces have set up a strong defensive line just to the west of the town of Fleckeby along a heavily wooded low ridge which runs NE-SW. Due to bad weather further recce missions have been unable to establish what NATO forces are in the vicinity of Fleckeby but they have been able to ascertain that the bridge over a small river that runs N-S to the east of the town seems to remain intact at this time.

The area around Fleckeby, to the east of the river is mainly farmland with the village of Gotheby-Holm on the eastern map edge. Lead elements of Polish Naval troops have infiltrated the village.

Eastern half of the battlefield

Western half of the battlefield.

Map showing initial disposition of forces with NATO believed to be holding the low ridgline.

I will post details of the AAR from the chaps in Broughton as soon as possible after the game has been played. Unfortunately I have work commitments which mean I can't make it.

Have fun fellas!


  1. Great scenario Richard.

    1. Thanks Steve yours is next :-)

    2. Cheers Richard, gave you a nudge on the forum. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for us.