Wednesday, 17 May 2017

GRIMSBY - Landjut 2017 Scenario

Eventually, after countless delays, the Soviets forced a crossing of the Kiel Canal near Rendsburg. The Canadians holding the small village of Sehestedt had delayed the crossing far longer than the Soviets had wanted and now they were behind schedule. It was time to push north and head for Schleswig and it's airbases. An airborne attack is also planned at the airfield at Schleswig (Andy T & Neil M are playing this scenario out) and the plan is to link up with those forces and secure the airfields before heading north towards the Danish border. Recon has spotted a large force of West Germans from 6th Panzergrenadier Division in the vicinity of the small town of Kropp just 15km south of Schleswig. The Soviets have another tough fight on their hands if they are to reach Schleswig!!! The West Germans occupy the towns of Kropp and Owschlag and also the heavily wooded area between the two. They only arrived at these positions during the night after a long drive to cut off the advance of the Soviets after they crossed the Kiel Canal. If it hadn't been for the Canadians the Soviets would have had a free run to Schleswig. Scenario 6 - Exploitation as per the rulebook.

Situation Report - West Germans hold the small towns of Kropp and Owschlag and also occupy the heavily wooded area between the two. Soviets are advancing from the South.


Western half

Eastern half

Thanks to Steve and the gang in Grimsby for putting on this game and I look forward to hearing all about the outcome. Have fun!!!

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