Wednesday, 3 May 2017

TERRAIN - Cold War Airfield

In preparation for this years Joy of Six show and also the big Cold War Commanders game up in Grimsby in September I have started on a huge box of Timecast and Leven Miniatures buildings that need sorting. So first up is an airfield which utilises the runway that I had already made.

The Control Tower made up from three separate Leven Miniatures buildings all from his Military range. MIL07 - RAF Generic Block, MIL08 - RAF Admin Block and MIL33 - Luftwaffe Control Building.

One end of each of the blocks were ground flat so they joined nicely with the sides of the tower.

Parking Apron and a Windsock

A closer view of the Windsock

New Fire Station added to the Control Tower base.

Three emergency vehicles made from (L to R) an Heroics and Ros GMC Pick Up from their Modern Canadian range, a Heroics and Ros GMC Radio Truck again from their Modern Canadian range and a 1/300th architectural model from China. All three have had a tiny strip of plastic added to the roof and painted up to look like emergency lights.

Slight change of plan so Parking Apron gets a textured edge.

Runway distressed a little to give the effect of rubber on the runway

I plan a couple more bases for the airfield. One a hangar again from Leven Miniatures and another a Admin Building or something similar. The plan is this will be a major objective in Septembers game.

As always thanks for looking.


  1. Brilliant. Inspired. I've been looking at those airfield buildings from Leven. Nice to see what you've done with them. What did you use for the parking apron?

    Cheers, Andy

    1. Thanks Andy, the parking apron is good old vinyl floor tile from Poundland.

      Cheers, Richard P

  2. Great work as usual. As Andy says inspiring modeling.