Sunday, 27 September 2015


Well this weekend saw us gather at the wonderful home of the Deeside Defenders in Broughton to take part in the 4th Annual CWC Megagame. This years game was set in 1985 around the city of Hanover. I will post more detailed information over the next week or so but for now here are some photos of the weekends action!

The Usual Suspects - L to R Andy Hamilton, Gordon Malcolm, Richard Phillips, Mike Ahern, Mark J, Simon White, Steve Graham, Mark Fry, Richard Crawley, Steve Black, Ian Shaw, Nick Gerlach, Alan Millicheap, Andy Taylor, Andy Canham and Dennis Wong.

NATO - L to R Richard Crawley (NATO CinC and CO of De Groots Fire Brigade), Richard Phillips (Dutch), Steve Graham (BAOR), Mark Fry (Dutch), Alan Millicheap (Belgian), Andy Taylor (West German), Andy Canham (BAOR), Andy Hamilton (US) and Nick Gerlach (BAOR).

WARSAW PACT - Dennis Wong (Soviet), Gordon Malcolm (Soviet Airborne), Mike Ahern (Soviet), Simon White (Polish), Steve Black (Soviet), Mark J (East German), Ian Shaw (Warsaw Pact CinC and Soviet) and Ben (East German, not pictured).

The table set up which covered over 300 square feet. Mat-o-War cloths very kindly supplied by Steve G and Andy H from the Grimsby club. The rest of the terrain was done by myself, Steve G, Andy H, Andy C and Ian S. I must say a massive thank you to everyone involved in the terrain as this year the table looked superb. Of particular note were the superb hills and ridges that were built by Andy H especially for this game.

Some teaser shots of the game, will post more asap but for now enjoy.

Dutch 105 Recce Battalion defending the ESK Canal

The industrial area at Saltzgitter

Two Luftwaffe F4 Phantoms fly a close air support mission along the ESK canal

British Chieftains on the way to the front

Soviet Airborne occupy Saltzgitter

Mark Fry's Dutch Marines cross the ESK canal

I will be posting more photos and game info as soon as I can. I have to say thanks to Ian and the Deeside Defenders for the great venue and food. Steve Graham and Andy Hamilton for their continued support in producing the terrain for these events and ably assisted this year by Andy Canham and his new Timecast buildings and hedges. 

Thanks to everyone who took part in what was a great weekends gaming. The standard of painting and basing was superb, especially Mark Fry's Dutch forces with some wonderful snorkeling Leopard 2 tanks, Marines in rubber rafts, scratchbuilt Winkelwagen radar systems to mention but a few.

Next Year - 'AEGEAN STRIKE' The Southern Front - 23rd-25th September 2016.   


  1. Very nice little castle! Who makes that one?

    1. Thanks its made by Kibri, Ref No. 36402 Wilderstein Castle. Part of their Z Scale model railway range.