Wednesday, 22 June 2016

JOY OF SIX 2016 - Red Effect

Preparations are well underway for this years Cold War Commanders game at Joy of Six 2016. The game is set during the mid 1980's and is inspired by the events that take place in the 'Effect' Series of books by Harvey Black. First up is the table layout for this years game.

If you are going to Joy of Six 2016 please make sure you come and say hello and you are welcome to join in if you wish, we will have plenty of forces available.


  1. Looks good Richard. I will be sending a parcel of goodies, for the 'Joy of Six', to you this weekend. I shall be watching the event closely, and had been able to I would have joined you. Good luck to all of the Cold War Commanders. HB

    1. Thanks so much for your support and generosity Harvey it is very much appreciated.
      Richard P