Friday, 24 March 2017

On the Workbench

With the chaps having a great weekend down in Slimbridge kicking off the LANDJUT 2017 Campaign it's now time to start thinking about the rest of the games scheduled for 2017. The Cold War Commanders are taking centre stage at this years Joy of Six with a massive 20' x 6' table so we are going to need lots of terrain for that. Then we have the Big Weekend Game up in Grimsby in late September. I also hope to run a game at my local show, Barrage, in Stafford in July. As well as all these games to prepare for I am also rearranging Shed HQ to allow me to have a 12' x 4' table instead of an 8' x 6'. The 6' width doesn't leave me much room around the table so changing the 4' will leave me a lot more room and also give me some room to build some shelving for storage. More on that when the weather improves and I can get stuff out without it getting rained on!

After one of my regular trips to the local Poundland for a few supplies I noticed that instead of the usual wood effect vinyl floor tiles they had a stone effect one as well which on closer inspection seemed to have a ripple effect on them. Perfect for rivers! So clutching three packs of four it was off home to start work. I decided to make some purpose built sections to go around the castle model that has had many an outing at Cold War Commanders games and the rest would be modular with each end being 100mm so that they can all fit together in any configuration. So after a bit of measuring and cutting I ended up with over 20ft of river for the princely sum of £3.00 plus a bit of spray paint and textured filler.

Progress so far with all the banks textured and the river sprayed brown. All there is left to do is paint the river banks and then add some flock and they are all ready for the table. Probably cost no more that £5.00 in total.

Once I have finished the river banks I will take some photos with the castle in situ.

Thanks for looking :-)


  1. Bargain! They look great - look forward to seeing what they come out like. I need to sort out some roads and rivers, so might give Poundland a go.

    Cheers, Andy

    1. Thanks Andy, happy to make you some if you want me to?

      Cheers, Richard P

    2. Good stuff as always Richard.