Monday, 17 July 2017

DUTCH - Armoured Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battery

As most of you know myself and fellow Cold War Commander Mark F are both big fans of the 1(NL) Corps and a vast amount of our Cold War collections are Dutch. A lot of this is due to the fantastic resource that is which details every unit of the Armed Forces of the Netherlands in fine detail. From time to time add units to my existing forces and after a visit to the Heroics and Ros stand at Sunday's Joy of Six show one of the purchases was 3 West German Gepard AA vehicles to convert in to the Dutch version the PRTL. I have been using the Gepard model as a stand in but wanted to have a go at converting some. The main differences from what I can tell are the radar is a completely different shape to the one on the Gepard model and also the dish at the front of the turret is cone shaped. There also seems to be more stowage bins etc. at the rear of the turret. The radar was easily removed and a T section of plasticard was added.
Image result for dutch prtl
The Dutch Armoured Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battery in CWC terms consists of 3 x PRTL accompanied by 3 x 3/4t Land Rover + 1/4t Trailer with a Stinger team (replacement crew). HQ will include a YPR-765 PRCO and a 1/2t Land Rover. 
Original radar removed from the Gepard model

New radar and stowage boxes added

Rear view showing additional stowage modelled from plasticard
Based on 40mm x 20mm x 2mm MDF bases with rounded fronts. I plan to start using these to represent AA as one thing I always seem to have difficulty identifying on the tabletop is AA units. So from now on all my AA will be based like this. 

Quite happy with how they have turned out. Not perfect but in 6mm they are just the job! Next up painting and finishing the bases. As always thanks for looking.

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