Tuesday, 20 September 2016


On the weekend of Friday 16th September to Sunday 18th September the Cold War Commanders gathered at the home of the Deeside Defenders Wargames Club in Broughton to play out another of our massive Cold War Commander (CWC) games.

Now into its fifth year the game was set in 1985 and focused on a Soviet attack in the Aegean and along the Black Sea coast. Forces for Aegean Strike included Russian, Bulgarian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Turkish and US. More on some of the forces involved in future posts. 

Unfortunately our numbers were down on what was originally planned due to illness and we wish Alan and Rodge speedy recoveries and we hope to see you both at future events. Also a couple of late withdrawals meant a bit of player shuffling and table reorganisation from the original four table layout to a two table layout. Thanks to Andy C and Mark J for swapping sides after such short notice. 

Table One (12' x 6') was set on the Black Sea coast with Warsaw Pact forces commanded by Nick G and Keith T where assaulting the beaches defended by a mixed force of Turkish and Portuguese commanded by Andy T and Ian S respectively. 

Table One

The landing beaches with early warning satellite dishes, a communications tower and a wind turbine

A Russian AIST lands on the Turkish coast (AIST by Scotia Grendel, part of their Ship to Shore range).

The river heads inland

Industrial units 

A Roman villa by Andy C acting as a Vineyard 

Photo showing all the great vineyards and olive groves created by Steve B especially for this game

Some of Alan M's great Timecast Southern European building

Another AIST hits the beach

The two bridges over the river that the Russians had to capture

Table Two (20' x 6') was split into 3 distinct areas to reflect elements of the original four table layout each with a terrain obstacle stopping forces travelling from one section to another section. First up was a clash between Warsaw Pact forces commanded by Mark J and Greek forces commanded by Mark F set near the Greek border. This was a return match as Mark J's Warsaw Pact forces had come up against Mark F's Dutch at the 2016 event. The central area of Table Two set near the Aegean coast saw a mixed NATO force of Italians commanded by Neil M and Spanish Marines commanded by Richard C trying to break out of a small bridgehead against superior Warsaw Pact forces in the shape of Steve B's Russians and Simon W's superb Bulgarians. Simon had done some superb little conversions and created BMP-23's and BMP-30's.

Bulgarian BMP-30 HQ unit

Bulgarian BMP-23 

The final table section featured an area of Thrace and saw a strong Warsaw Pact force commanded by Andy C assisted by Mike Y from the Deeside Defenders come into contact with a Spanish force commanded by Mike A.

Table Two with the area at the front of the photo being the first section and so on

The line of industrial buildings marked the boundary of the table section

Small village that was to see a lot of fighting between Warsaw Pact forces and Spanish Light Infantry forces for two days

Middle section of Table Two 

Close up of table section divider using a railway, a road and a line of industrial buildings

Another view of the table section divider

The first section of Table Two which was to see heavy fighting between Greek and Warsaw Pact forces

Great buildings by Timecast painted by Alan M who unfortunately couldn't make it as he is recovering from a stroke. Everyone at the Cold War Commanders wish him a speedy recovery and we all hope to see him back asap

Close up view of the village

So the scene was set for a great couple of days gaming. In Part Two I will detail some of the more unusual units that fought in Aegean Strike. Thanks for looking :-)


  1. Great photos and overview of the table Richard. Look forward to all those unusual units.

    Cheers, Andy

    1. Thanks Andy, there were some fantastic OOB's sent in and I thought it would be nice to include as much info as I can so they are available to other players. Some of the Greek stuff Mark F did was fantastic including a Marmon Herrington as used by the Greek National Guard!


      Richard P

  2. Was the bridge pictured scratch-built or from a supplier?

    Great looking games!

    1. Thanks. The bridge was a bit of both, it's a GHQ Single Span Truss Bridge (TMB76) adapted to suit the roadway.

  3. Hi Richard,
    another great AAR with loads of eye candy. Can't wait to find out who won!

    1. Thanks Steve, hopefully get another post up by the end of the week. Really busy at work!!!