Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Been a while since I posted unfortunately the family have been experiencing some health issues with my Mum seriously ill in hospital. But have managed to change a few things round at work and now have a bit more time to devote to my hobby. Lots planned so stay tuned!

On a recent trip to our local High Street I always check out the multitude of Charity Shops. Always on the look out for a book or something else useful. This time my eyes fell upon this!

For the princely sum of 50p I snapped it up! But what to do with it? It seems to have been an old slide storage box but it has one clasp broken and the dividers inside are all missing. Could use it for storage but then I thought it would make a nice box to roll dice in. So some self adhesive green felt from Hobbycraft and some bits of cardboard and I made a base and four sides for the interior of the box by cutting the cardboard into strips and adding the felt.

The inside of the lid had a sheet where you could write information on each slide so I decided to reduce the QRS sheets from Cold War Commander and add them to the inside of the lid on a removeable bit of card. This way I can make specific ones for each ruleset I play.

Hopefully get some Solo games in soon so I can get it into action!


  1. Cracking idea - how often do we reroll because the dice finishes up leaning against terrain on in a gap between tables! Handy to have the QRS in the lid as well.

    Cheers, Andy

  2. Cheers Andy I've seen similar things being use for playing RPG's and thought it would work nicely for CWC.