Sunday, 10 May 2015

DUTCH - Bridging Equipment (Part Five)

Quick update on the progress of my Dutch Bridging Equipment.

105 Pontoon Bridge Co.

The photo above shows the DAF YGZ 2300 Bridge Unit from 105 Pontoon Bridge Co. I decided I wanted my unit to look like this so went to work on converting three H&R Leyland Flatbed models to represent this unit. I am not sure the orange and white warning plates either side would still be there in wartime but in a fit of madness I decided to have a go at modelling the trucks to look like the one in the photo. I have detailed in a previous post the parts used to make this model so now it was on to the conversion.

Models undercoated before additional parts added and painting.

The three trucks painted and with the converted front section.

Close up showing the converted front section. This was done using thin plasticard and I am really pleased with the results. 

The trucks were undercoated white then a basecoat of US Dark Green. This is followed with a black wash then a drybrush of US Dark Green to bring the colour back. The model is then given a fine drybrush of a mix 50% US Dark Green 50% Iraqi Sand. 

Just need to gloss varnish then matt varnish and finish the bases.

Thanks for looking 


  1. Hi Richard,
    your conversions just keep getting better and better.

    1. Thanks Steve, from you that means a lot.
      Richard P