Friday, 29 May 2015

WEST GERMAN - Federal Navy's Amphibsches Transportbattailon

As is usually the case while looking for something else I stumbled across a couple of websites which show the West Germans using LARC-5 (LARC-V). It would appear that the West German Federal Navy's Amphibsches Transportbattailon 2 & 4 based in Emden received a total of 53 LARC-V in 1963 and 1964. This was apparently part of 200 in total that went into service.

Now from what I can gather they were gradually phased out of service with the last ones being decommissioned in the late 80's early 90's. Now as the CWC Megagame is a great opportunity to get unusual units on the table, so I had some of the new Heroics & Ros LARC-5 models for my 'Dragonstrike' project but as other projects are taking priority at the moment I have decided to use four for my West Germans.


  1. They look great. Will have to get some for me too.

    Cheers, Andy

  2. Very good, great looking miniatures.

  3. Very nice. And now I know what the big amphibious truck that I saw outside Fort Perch in New Brighton was when I was home last week!

  4. Cheers, gald to be of assistance :-)