Saturday, 2 May 2015

TERRAIN - More Fields

I have managed to finish another 3 fields. This time I have started to rebase my corn fields as storage in Shed HQ has not been kind to my fields based on vinyl floor tiles so I have decided to rebase them on MDF and make them a bit more interesting. Like Richard C commented on my last post the 6mm wargamer is sadly lacking in a lot of the little bits of terrain and battlefield debris that the 20mm and 28mm gamers have in bucket loads. However in 6mm you can 'get away' with things that in the larger scales would look wrong and they can add so much to the terrain. Simple things like the addition of some sheep or cattle from Irregular Miniatures can make a big difference. I have tried to get some 6mm horses to have in the fields but can only find horses with tack and harnesses or carrying loads, but I did pick up some 6mm Unicorns from Irregular again and I hope to use them (less horn).

But for now are three more fields finished.

One of the rebased corn fields on a bigger base with a couple of other fields. One with some more 6mm Irregular sheep.

Another rebased corn field with a ploughed field made using corrugated card from Hobbycraft. Need to add a scarecrow to this field I think.

A small field with a couple of bases of 6mm Irregular cattle

Next up a horse paddock using the 6mm Unicorns from Irregular and hopefully a new sports field to replace the original that appeared at the the very first Crisis Point which is a bit worse for wear now.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Beautiful scenery. The table is going to look fantastic.

    Cheers, Andy

  2. Good stuff, again. As Andy said the table should look great.