Thursday, 7 May 2015

DUTCH - Bridging Equipment (Part Three)

Next up is the DAF YGZ 2300 Bridge which I will use for larger bridging operations during CWC games like the ones performed by US and French forces at the 2014 game. 

To represent this unit in 6mm I plan to use three H&R BM61 Leyland Flatbed, this has 8 wheels but is the closest to a Leyland DAF truck available. To this I will add the container from the Scotia BM0046 Alligator Ferry Ramp (which if you have seen Steve Graham's look more like a M812 5ton Ribbon Bridge) and glue the small DROPS piece you get with the H&R Leyland Flatbed to the container and I think I should have a good representation of this vehicle for my Dutch.

With regards to the DAF Treadway Bridge, after speaking to my fellow Dutch player Mark Fry, he suggested that maybe the single bridge section could be towed by a smaller vehicle so for a bit of variety I have decided to have one section towed by the Leyland DROPS + Container and one section towed by a 1 Tonne Land Rover. 

Pictures of both these will follow as soon as possible. Thanks for looking.

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