Monday, 25 May 2015

DUTCH - Bridging Equipment (Part Seven)

I have now completed to the two DAF Treadway Bridge units for my 1985 Dutch Army. These will be allocated to units as required as quite a lot of units in the Dutch Amy has access to them.

Both DAF Treadway Bridge units. Each unit consists of a Leyland DAF with Container with a towed bridge section and a 1T Land Rover with a towed bridge section. In my research I couldn't find any pictures of the bridge section being towed so originally planned to use trucks but fellow Cold War Commander Mark Fry suggested that the bridge sections probably weren't that heavy so could be towed by a smaller vehicle so I decided on a 1T Land Rover.

One unit with bridge sections in tow. Just got to make a couple of deployed versions.

Another view of the DAF Treadway Bridge unit.

Close up of Leyland DAF with Treadway Bridge.

Close up of 1T Land Rover with Treadway Bridge.

Thanks for looking :-)

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