Wednesday, 6 May 2015

DUTCH - Bridging Equipment (Part Two)

As if by magic! Postman Pat has just delivered my H&R order so I had a quick trip up to Shed HQ to make a start on the DAF Treadway Bridges. I had ordered some of the new Leyland DROPS trucks from H&R and I wasn't sure whether to use these or wait and get some GHQ Leyland DAF trucks. The H&R models are really nice so I decided to go with the DROPS with Container as the tow vehicle. The bridge sections are made from the H&R B54 Churchill SBG just cut in half and wheels added. I got enough SBG's to do two units of these including a deployed version which I shall just use the SBG.


  1. Neat bit of improv' there. Very nice.

    Funny enough, my order from H&R pitched up today, enough to finish off my British force. More Naps to come too!

    Cheers, Andy

  2. Great scratch building as usual. Does this mean the NATO players are going to need bridging?