Wednesday, 13 May 2015

DUTCH - Bridging Equipment (Part Six)

I have finished varnishing and basing the Dutch 105 Pontoon Co. and have also added an escort vehicle converted from a 3/4 Ton Land Rover.

105 Pontoon Co.

Land Rover Escort Vehicle with added blue and orange roof lights and a camo net and white front bumper.

The three DAF YGZ-2300 Bridging units ready for action.

Another view of the converted Escort Land Rover. I think the writing on the roof is supposed to read 'KONINKLIJKE MARECHAUSSEE'. There was no way I was going to paint that in a space 5mm x 1.5mm so settled for some white marks that represent the sign.

Good view showing the white front bumper.

Close up of converted truck fronts.

The rear of the Escort Land Rover showing camo net on roof.

A YPR-GWT. This will be part of my Medical Unit.

YPR-GWT with added flag and baggage from H&R (Armstrong)

I have a few more Medical Vehicles to do for show as part of the Medical Unit for the CWC Megagame.

As always thanks for looking.


  1. Hi Richard,
    fantastic pieces,very well executed.

    1. Thanks Steve, how's your BAOR coming along?
      Richard P

  2. Hi Richard,
    BAOR are progressing slowly but surely. Everything on bases ready to paint. Doing a few simple conversions of some spare FV432 hulls for my engineers and medics.